Tamari CM provides individuals and groups the necessary tools to effectively transform interpersonal conflicts

Tamari CM can cultivate a space to understand the internal conflicts we all struggle with

  • How and why do we react to conflict?

  • How has our past impacted the way we are responding to conflict today?

  • What actions could we take to improve our current situation and/or relationships?

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Tamari CM provides opportunities to learn and practice how to engage with external conflicts, be they with another individual, group, or entity

  • How can we communicate our interests to others and understand theirs?

  • What actions can we take with others to come to a mutually agreed-upon solution?

  • What happens if we cannot resolve our disputes?

Tamari CM offers services for both individuals and organizations

While the ideal mode is in-person, a virtual mode is possible for certain services.

For Individuals

Services include one-on-one conflict management coaching, employment disputes management, and transformative facilitation.

For Organizations

Services include conflict management workshops and training, and communication-intensive circles.

Please note: Tamari CM is not a mental health or legal services provider. If these services are needed, please seek the guidance of certified professionals.

Shai Tamari

Shai Tamari, Founder and President of Tamari Conflict Management, is uniquely positioned to help transform interpersonal conflicts. His personal and professional experiences have taught Shai how to create and hold spaces for different beliefs and belief systems, as well as how to understand group dynamics and adapt to them. He has learned to lead by example: If he wishes for others to “open up” and be vulnerable, he knows he must first do so himself. It has taught him the value of positive-motivation leadership, which encourages others to take steps to improve themselves and the team from the foundation his example provides.

Shai Tamari